Six Reasons Your Business Should Partner with a Freight Broker like PDQ America

Freight brokers are basically the middle man when it comes to making shipping arrangements between a shipper and a carrier. Partnering with a freight broker like PDQ America increases efficiency and flexibility within your supply chain and gives your business a competitive edge. Here are six reasons partnering with a trusted, professional freight broker like us offers distinct advantages for your company:

1.     Place the focus back on what your business does best

Did you know that 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies partner with freight brokers like us? The key to success is focusing on the area in which your business excels. Leave the shipping to us, and hone in on making your business the best it can be. 


2.     Shipping is our specialty

Shipping is what we do best. When you choose PDQ America to handle your shipping needs, rest assured you’re working with professionals who are well versed in both best practices and first-hand experience. Our business also features up-to-date technology that provides visibility into your logistics.

3.     You’ll be saving more than money

By partnering with a freight broker, you automatically gain an expense-free, committed shipping department without having to hassle with the cost of one. Think about what you could accomplish with the time you spend invoicing, auditing, and training. As previously mentioned, using a dependable, certified freight broker like us frees up your time to focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

4.     Don’t worry about the natural ebb and flow of your business

In both the busy seasons as well as the slower ones, freight brokers can adjust to your shipping needs. As freight brokers, we provide the flexibility that allows you to benefit from our services when you need them, and not have to stress about them when you don’t. 

5.     It’s all about who you know

With our Patriot Carrier Network, we have expansive relationships with top transportation companies across the nation that share our values and vision. All Patriot Carriers must go through a screening process that ensures credibility, safety, and insurance requirements. These relationships could mean volume discounts, positively impacting your bottom line.

6.     Teamwork makes the dream work

At PDQ America, when you win, we win. Your needs and interests are foremost in what we do. When we are able to help your business by providing first-rate freight services, our business benefits as well. By choosing PDQ America to manage shipping and logistics for your company, both parties will work hand-in-hand to grow and prosper.


Are you ready to partner with a top-notch freight broker? PDQ America is a licensed and bonded freight brokerage based in East Texas. Recognized as a Certified Transportation Broker by the Transportation Intermediaries Association and by the National Association of Small Trucking Companies as a member of their Best Broker Program, you can trust that your business is in good hands with our hard working team. 

To experience an elite level of service, request a freight quote online or call 1-800-5182-PDQ now.