Six questions to ask in your search for a freight broker that best fits your needs

Not all freight brokers are created equal. Is your business in the market for a reliable, quality broker to manage your logistical needs? If so, here are 6 questions to ask when searching for the right freight broker to best suit your company’s needs.

1.     Do they offer service capabilities that meet your needs?


Is your freight broker multi-modal? What are their areas of expertise, both geographically and operationally? At PDQ America in White Oak, TX, we are constantly expanding our service capabilities as a nationwide trucking company and freight broker. Our transportation services include the following:

  • Flatbed Trucking
  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Dry Van Trucking
  • Refrigerated Trucking 
  • Over Dimensional Trucking
  • Heavy Haul Trucking
  • Permit Load
  • Partial Loads
  • Urgent Delivery
  • Team
  • LTL 
  • TWIC
  • Hazmat
  • Interstate
  • Mexico
  • Canada

2.     Are they licensed through FMCSA? 

You can ensure a broker’s credibility by checking to see if they are licensed through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Federal law dictates that in order to be paid for setting up transportation arrangements, you have to be a licensed property broker per FMCSA. At PDQ America, not only are we licensed through FMCSA, we are also bonded. This means extra protection for carriers and shippers with whom we partner. To ensure the freight broker you are considering is properly insured, click here.

3.    Are they committed to safety? 

Safety should be a top priority for any potential freight broker you consider. You can count on PDQ America to always research, develop and implement safe and efficient transportation solutions. This commitment to safety and best practices includes our ability to determine the value of the customer’s cargo and insurance requirements, meaning we can make sure carriers with adequate coverage are placed on their loads.

4.    What is their vetting process for carriers? 

You want your freight broker to only partner with the most reputable carriers. With our Patriot Carrier Network, we are able to develop relationships with top transportation companies nationwide that share our values and vision for the future. At PDQ America, we run all of our Patriot Carriers through a proven screening process to ensure credibility, safety, and insurance requirements.

5.    How long have they been in business? 

It is common for companies to encounter some of their biggest challenges during the first few years of operation, so only the strong thrive as a freight brokerage. PDQ America has been around since 2013, when we started with a single truck, a 32-foot dovetail trailer, and a vision for the future. From our humble beginnings, we grew into America’s freight service provider. Operating from our original headquarters and home terminal in White Oak, Texas, we now offer supply chain solutions to businesses in many different industries, striving to maintain a strict commitment to safety and organizational development.

6.    Are they recognized and certified in the industry?


Look for a broker that is recognized and certified by organizations that hold members to high ethical standards. At PDQ America, not only are we recognized as a Certified Transportation Broker by the Transportation Intermediaries Association, we are also recognized by the National Association of Small Trucking Companies as a member of their Best Broker Program

Choosing the right freight broker can make or break your business, so the process may seem intimidating. However, with PDQ America, it doesn’t have to be. Our strength lies in our ability to provide customers with a consistent, top-notch shipping experience.  Give us a call today at 800-5182-PDQ or visit us online anytime to experience Purpose Driven Quality.