Election 2018 and the trucking industry: by the numbers

The trucking industry moves America forward… literally.

Trucks move roughly 71% of the nation’s freight by weight. All of this traveling around the U.S. definitely shapes the political viewpoints of those in this industry.

In fact, with Election Day coming up Nov. 6, the trucking industry has made it clear where their political priorities lie. Money talks, and campaign contributions are saying this industry favors Republicans over Democrats.

However, this political persuasion isn’t anything new. This is the fourteenth election cycle in a row (including presidential elections and midterm years) in which the trucking industry has backed Republicans over Democrats, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. 


Trucking-assisted contributors are throwing their support behind Republican candidates in the upcoming midterm, to the tune of $3.16 million, compared to $644,886 in Democratic donations.

To break it down, Republicans have received about 83 percent of trucking industry contributions so far this year. This amount varies little from previous years, compared to 2016’s 80 percent, 2014’s 82 percent, and 2012’s 88 percent, according to ccjdigital.com.

Hey, big spender

The top spender in terms of campaign contributions has been the American Trucking Associations, donating $566,083 ($369,550 to Republican candidates and $195,533 to Democrats) so far this election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has given $126,000 during this election cycle, pledging $93,000 of that sum to Republican candidates and $33,000 to Democrats.

Several companies are splitting few hairs about where their political priorities lie. Freight forwarder and carrier CenTra Inc. has spent $318,980, with almost all of it ($310,710) going to Republican candidates, according to ccjdigital.com.

Prime Inc., ranking third among trucking donors, has shelled out $236,812, favoring Republican candidates and conservative groups, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. 

The maker of Peterbilt and Kenworth, Paccar, allocated all $121,711 to campaigns of Republican candidates.

Werner ($93,941), Old Dominion Freight Lines ($114,579), Crete ($87,738), Knight-Swift ($81,175), Schneider ($77,125), Navistar-International ($69,325) are all ranked among top contributors within trucking.

Trucking voices matter

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Whether your political views align with these companies and organizations or not, it’s important to get out there and vote! If you are out on the road and can’t make it to the polls on Election day, take advantage of early and absentee voting