Over Dimensional

PDQ's specialist works with all states to stay compliant. Our knowledgeable staff does the ground work required to ship all types of loads.

  • permit loads
  • over dimensional
  • over weight
  • Interstate
  • TWIC

We believe that teamwork is key. This applies not only internally but also in our dealings with other companies. During our time in business, we have formed excellent working relationships with companies who have hauling capabilities that exceed 100,000 lbs and 60' in length. PDQ America also works with crane providers nationwide to assist customers in the loading and unloading of these extreme loads.

  • Information needed to book any Oversize/ Overweight load:
    • Overall Dimensions: length, width, height
    • Weight
    • Origin (specific address for routing purposes)
    • Destinations (specific address for routing purposes)
    • Desire pick-up and delivery dates
    • any other pertinent information

*Always be specific in your description of the load and destination to enable our team to give you the most cost efficient estimate.