Hot Shot Trucking

For some loads, hot shot trucking is perfect for the job. At PDQ America in White Oak, TX, we can either broker your freight or haul it with our own hot shot trucks.

These are 3-to 4-ton pickup trucks that normally have four axles. Our hot shot trucks can typically haul 13,000 lb. and under. 

 Hot shot trucking got its start in the Texas oilfields, where decades ago pickups hauled expedited freight to off-road drilling and pumping locations.

This form of trucking is alive and well today and has benefited from the U.S. expansion of fracking operations.

With anywhere from 20’ to over 40’ of usable deck space, a hot shot trailer is a perfect solution for transporting equipment and machinery that might be large in terms of length but are less than 8’ high and below the max weight threshold.

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