Flatbed Trucking

Does your project require an open deck trailer? Flatbed trucking with PDQ America in White Oak, TX, could be the right fit for your freight. From pipe to oilfield equipment and more, we specialize in understanding the needs and requirements for flatbed transportation shipments. 

A flatbed is either 48' or 53' in length and 102" (8' 6") in width. Whereas a van trailer might have the same external dimensions, flatbeds allow us to haul loads 102" wide.

Another benefit of this kind of trailer is that cargo can be safely loaded from all sides of the trailer. Although the general bed height can differ by manufacturer by a matter of inches, typically 58" - 60" is a good standard bed height.

This height accommodates a cargo height of approximately 8'6".

Sometimes, certain types of cargo will require a trailer with a lower bed. Step-deck trailers have the same overall length as flatbed trailers (48’ or 53’), but a section of the 40” deck is lowered, allowing an additional 20” or so for cargo height. This kind of trailer will accommodate cargo with a height of about 10’2”.

At PDQ America we offer a greater range of options for your freight because we’re able to broker your flatbed load or haul it ourselves. Complete this form to receive a freight quote from PDQ America today.